January 24, 2018
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Product Development

The Product Development Department (PDD) of KAMCO comprises of a skilled and dynamic team of professionals with expertise in developing financially sound investment products for its clients.

 Our Product Development Team identifies product ideas, understands the market’s needs and preferences, and aims at designing bespoke investment products. Apart from this, the team also develops costing and pricing for the products, conducts pilot tests, devises a product launch strategy, and provides marketing support. 

Through the formation of strategic alliances with the ‘best of breed’ fund managers in all asset classes, our Product Development Team structures investment products, the foundation of which is a rigorous process involving due diligence, and an in-depth study of important financial parameters such as the socio-economic country conditions, legal and taxation laws of the country, market conditions, market share,competitor products, etc., which have a significant impact on the investment opportunity. Our Product Development Team also works closely with KAMCO’s legal and compliance teams to ensure that the investment vehicle meets all the regulatory and legal requirements.

At later stages, the team also undertakes providing support for constant product/fund monitoring, follow-up and periodic progress reports to the investors, in coordination with other related departments to keep the investors up to date with their fund’s overall performance, asset appraisal and market outlook.

Our Product Development Team aims to implement KAMCO’s top management interest on focusing to provide our clients with valuable services, advice and products by selecting products with different risk tolerances to meet the various investors' needs – right from conservative low-risk money market funds, moderate-risk multi-asset portfolios, to aggressive high-risk equity and alternative investment funds.