January 24, 2018
Wealth Management

As one of the region's leading investment managers, KAMCO's Wealth management team believes that clients today face challenges in finding the best rates and wealth management services that meet their criteria and  unique investment needs. Accordingly, at KAMCO, the Wealth Management team works closely with clients identifying and delivering custom tailored strategies to help them reach their investment goals/targets. These services are based on an extensive risk management framework, detailed financial advice, and access to KAMCO’s network and capabilities. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service. Our services include:  


·         Product customization

·         Latest market trend analysis yielding research-based solutions to clients

·         Monthly portfolio reporting

·         Client support in international third party investments


We serve a wide client base including:


·         Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

·         Family Offices

·         Sovereigns, Endowments and Foundations

·         Corporates and Institutions


The wealth management concept utilizes innovative tools and a disciplined approach to consistently maintain high levels of client satisfaction and endure strong relationships across market cycles and generations. 

For more information, please contact the Wealth Management Department by phone: +965 1852626, Ext. 1123

Or by E-mail: Wealthmanagement@kamconline.com