January 24, 2018
Asset Management

MENA Asset Management

“We aim to be one of the largest private sector Asset Management Divisions in Kuwait and further enhance our brand recognition in MENA, through diversified asset allocation and portfolio structuring.”

MENA Asset Management department helps investors gain easier access to Kuwaiti and other Middle Eastern capital markets. KAMCO utilizes a professional and results-driven management team with experienced managers to deliver sound investment strategies that can be adapted to changing regional economic dynamics to maximize client returns and minimize their risk.


International Asset Management

“Our goal in the Asset Management Division is to be the destination of choice for clients in Kuwait and the region to fulfill all of their investment needs in a courteous, rewarding and professional manner.”

The International Asset Management Department offers a wide array of services to help our clients achieve their investment requirements and objectives in financial markets outside of the MENA region.

In addition to our core mandate of managing discretionary international portfolios  that offer clients tailor-made solutions to their investment needs, the Department assists and advises clients on all aspects regarding their international portffolio , fund management and other investment matters.

The International Asset Management Department has a qualified Client Support team to assist clients and respond to any queries.