January 24, 2018
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Declaration of Rights

What you can rightfully expect from us…

As our client…

…Knowledge and tools to make an informed investment decision. Our Asset Management, Financial Services and Investments, and Investment Advisory and Research Divisions are here to support your queries and pro-actively offer accurate, up-to-date information on your portfolios, investment opportunities, corporate financial consultancy and tools such as our online trading portal.

…Action. In the world of investment where every second counts, we know how much you value speed and responsiveness. Time is an asset. We strive to optimize it by actioning your investments with the least opportunity cost.

As our employee…

…A work culture that is conducive to your growth. We encourage personal development through professional training programs. The more you expand your knowledge-base, the more equipped we are as an institution to offer outstanding investment advice and opportunities to our clients.

…Competitive packages and perks. We are generous in recognizing and rewarding talent and commitment to our business objectives. Our performance-oriented appraisal system ensures that you are rewarded fairly and proportionately to your contribution.

As our shareholder…

…Consistent transparency in financial disclosure and corporate strategy. Our primary business objective is to be profitable and generate strong returns on your investments. We do this on the basis of trust, which can only exist when you are well informed about our business plans and our management processes and policies.

…Compliance to best practices. We aim to be both profitable and sustainable. We have in place a corporate governance framework, as well as due diligence and risk mitigation. We apply international standards and uphold business ethics to leverage our sound reputation. We prohibitively monitor and avert related-party transactions and insider dealings, as well as money-laundering.

As our business partner…

…A meritocratic selection of service suppliers. Fair and objective evaluation and selection of service-providers is not only ethical business-wise, but ensures that we partner with the very best to offer our clients the best investment solutions and services.

…A preference for quality and cost-efficiency. We value quality over quantity and cost-efficient innovative solutions over merely novel ideas.

As a member of the media…

…Truthfulness. Our press releases, press conferences and interviews provide you with a clear, transparent picture of our business to ensure objective journalism and keep our stakeholders informed of our position.

…Openness to reach us anytime. We are ready to share research reports or perspectives on the growth of different sectors.

As a member of the wider community…

…Responsibility. We measure our success not only by our financial position, but by the degree to which we impact the wider community. We continuously review our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to ensure that what we do positively impacts the wider community.

…Opportunities. Our growth and that of the investment sector is linked to national socio-economic progress. We invest in human capital through recruitment, equipping promising talent with the right tools to bring out the best in them.