January 24, 2018
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Why Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)?

At KAMCO, we measure our success by the extent to which we further the interests of all stakeholders, be it directly or indirectly.

Economic and Financial Responsibilities

We are timely in our financial disclosures, sharing our corporate earnings with shareholders and media. Every financial year, we participate in the Shafafiyah Forum – a transparency forum initiated by the KIPCO Group – to share the achievements over the year and our future plans.

Our shareholders and bondholders are kept up to date with our corporate strategy and returns on investments..

We comply by local, regional and international industry standards across all business fronts. We have a strong capital adequacy ratio and uphold the latest auditing and financial reporting guidelines including IFRS and Basel II stipulations. Our adherence to best practices has seen us and emerge as the only investment company in Kuwait to be nominated to the ‘Best Asset Management House’ category of the Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2009.