January 24, 2018
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KAMCO adopts environmentally friendly practices through “Save Paper Challenge”

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, joined the “Save Paper Challenge” organized by K’S PATH, further enhancing its environmentally friendly practices. KAMCO was the first company to participate in the challenge that primarily focuses on reducing paper usage and spreading awareness on the depletion of our natural resources, which is one of the key aspects of KAMCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach focusing on the environment.

KAMCO implemented the 3-month internal program that consisted of tracking paper consumption in each department within the company, adopting paper friendly practices and informative activity based sessions. Nominated paper guardians will track each department’s progress in the challenge and report their results to KAMCO’s Marketing Department who have organized the event in collaboration with K’S PATH.

Ms Danah Al Jasem, Vice President and Head of the Marketing Department at KAMCO, said, “We at KAMCO would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation towards K’S PATH for organizing this challenge. KAMCO is keen to set a sustainable environmental friendly outlook in the local industry through initiatives, such as the “Save Paper Challenge” to increase awareness about the over consumption of paper and how to responsibly utilize our natural resources. This challenge will not only assist us in setting an internal standard for environmental stewardship, but also set an example for proper sustainable practices and operational efficiency to reduce each company’s carbon footprint within the private sector.”

Ms Al Jasem also said, “This challenge falls in line with KAMCO’s CSR strategy which focuses on three priorities: health, education and the environment. By adapting responsible corporate practices, performing diligent research, and sharing valuable information about the environment, we can positively influence our community and the private sector industry. We look forward to participate in more environmentally responsible initiatives and events that are highly beneficial to our community while reflecting our personal and corporate values.”

K’S PATH is Kuwait’s first legally recognized non-profit organization of its kind. They offer a variety of services that include animal sheltering and adoption, a multi-faced marine conservation program, the first humane animal control program in Kuwait, and educational programs to schools and individuals about Kuwait’s unique biodiversity and environment. K’S PATH initiated the “Save Paper Challenge” to encourage companies and organization in Kuwait to adopt environmentally friendly paper consumption practices such as reusing and reducing. The challenge aims to set an example for the community through positive paper-friendly behavior.


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