January 24, 2018
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KAMCO holds health awareness session for its employees

KAMCO Investment Company K.S.C. (Public), a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, held a health awareness session for its employees in collaboration with Salhiya Clinic. The session included free consultations from Salhiya Clinic experts, in addition to health related tips and tests to highlight the importance of preventative medical care and increase risk awareness regarding different health issues.

KAMCO employees attended the awareness session at the Al-Shaheed Tower gym and was carried out by Salhiya Clinic experts. Dietitians Qout Al Mekhled and Nasser Al Awath, along with Dr Abi Shetty and Lab Technician Mohammed Haroon, guided attendees through the variety of health-related activities while providing them with advice on how to balance their daily diets. The health session included diabetes, BMI and BMR tests, in addition to free lifestyle consultations provided by the experts.

Ms Danah Al Jasem, Vice President and Head of the Marketing Department said, “The successful turnout of this event marks yet another step taken by KAMCO to educate employees and spread awareness regarding common health issues. The level of interaction between KAMCO employees and the Salhiya Clinic experts proved the necessity of such educational initiatives.”

Ms. Al Jasem added, “We will continue to utilize our resources to provide employees with wellbeing and nutritional advice to promote an overall healthier lifestyle. Events such as the Health Awareness Session fall in line with KAMCO’s corporate social responsibility agenda, focusing on health, education and the environment to benefit our society. We look forward to more educational and interactive events that are highly beneficial to our employees and the community as a whole.”


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