January 24, 2018
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KAMCO holds grand opening ceremony for KAMCO DIFC office


KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, held a grand opening ceremony for its KAMCO DIFC office at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom, DIFC in downtown Dubai, UAE.

KAMCO senior executives and board members greeted executive and high ranking attendees to commemorate the official opening of the office as part of KAMCO’s expansion strategy within the region. The ceremony included a networking session, entertainment acts, and keynote speeches. Mr Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of KAMCO, Mr Anwar Sbaitan, SEO of KAMCO DIFC and Dr Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, Chairman of the Arab Council for Social Science, delivered the keynote speeches at the ceremony.

During his keynote speech, Chief Executive Officer of KAMCO, Mr Faisal Sarkhou, said, “We are proud today to celebrate the launch of our operations in Dubai as a new member of this active and growing world class investment hub. Our new office in Dubai will serve as a key interface for KAMCO with the region’s wider investment community. We believe that being here at the DIFC will enable us to enhance our capabilities and regional reach, tapping further into the emerging markets across the MEASA region.”

He also said that KAMCO remains optimistic that with the region’s young demographic base and ample wealth, the region will continue to grow and diversify the economies from energy based income, providing a platform of growth for institutional investing along with higher living standards.

Following Mr Sarkhou’s speech, Senior Executive Officer of KAMCO, Mr Anwar Sbaitan, said, “We strongly believe that our products should be widely available to clients outside of Kuwait, in which we have made available at DIFC KAMCO. We also look to leverage the DIFC’s strengths as a financial center to establish a more diverse client base with a wider geographical presence. Our office will be providing regional and international clients with creative and innovative financial solutions that are tailored to suite their unique investment objectives.”



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