KAMCO continues to invest in the future generations through exclusive internship programs

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, continues to offer its exclusive internship programs to college students and recent graduates. Interns participating in the program will gain practical experience in a collaborative and positive work environment, as part of KAMCO’s local youth empowerment and development initiative.

KAMCO’s internship program offers exceptional training methods combined with on-job work experience in different fields related to investments. Interns enrolled in the program will learn about key investment practices and strategies from one of the top investment companies in the region. KAMCO has accepted 13 applicants this year from international and local universities who have participated in our programs.

Ms. Reem Al Refai, Vice President and Head of the Human Resources Management Department, said, “We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to guide the youth towards the path of success as they will be the leaders of tomorrow. When hiring interns, we make sure that they are prepared to learn in a challenging and work-oriented environment. This process ensures that we are getting the right candidates while prepping them for the interview process that will one-day land them the job that they desire.”

Ms. Al Refai added, “Over the years, KAMCO has accepted hundreds of interns and played a leading role in prepping and educating them through real-life work experience. Interns who exceeded our expectations and fit our organizational culture were offered positions at KAMCO. Our overall goal is to play a prominent role towards empowering the youth by enhancing their capabilities, skills and work ethic, while attracting talented and motivated young individuals.”

KAMCO’s internship programs are highly productive and offer interns unique techniques to master new skills, develop key competencies within their field, and learn valuable information in a professional work environment.