KAMCO hosts ‘Middle Management Development’ Workshop by Euromoney Learning Solutions

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, conducted a three-day workshop on ‘Middle Management Development’ in association with Euromoney Learning Solutions.  The workshop was held at the Chairman’s Club in KIPCO Tower, exclusively for KAMCO and KIPCO Group employees.

The workshop, delivered by Mr. Simon McAuliffe, was designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to manage others, to coach and develop those reporting to them, and to ensure that those reporting to them feel, think and act like a team.  The workshop also provided participants with the necessary skills to inspire and lead others, so that those reporting to them – and other people– are inspired to follow their example and be willingly led by them.

Commenting on the workshop, Mr. Farouq Al Oumi, Chief Resources Officer of KAMCO, said, “Equipping mid-level managers with the right training to develop specific managerial skills is essential in preparing them for taking on greater levels of responsibility in the future. We believe that successful middle managers must possess both strong leadership skills and a leadership mindset. Placed in a strategic position within the organization, they are required to clearly and effectively communicate across the organizational structure.”

Mr. Al Oumi added, “This workshop, amongst others, is in line with our ongoing support for developing employee talent and intellectual capital. KAMCO will continue to strengthen its human resource strategic framework to ensure that employees are well prepared to take on and exceed their roles within the organization.”

Mr. Simon McAuliffe has over 17 years of experience as a senior team facilitator and corporate trainer, covering Developing and Managing People & Teams, Adaptive Leadership and Effective Communication Skills.