KAMCO organizes campaign to raise awareness about head and neck cancer


KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, organized a head and neck cancer awareness campaign in collaboration with Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN). The awareness campaign consisted of daily facts and prevention tips sent to employees, blood sugar level and blood pressure checkups, informative lecture held at Al Shaheed Tower and a press conference organized by CAN.

KAMCO launched the awareness campaign to further educate employees regarding the various head and neck cancer diseases, which included a highly informative awareness session in collaboration with Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) and in cooperation with Al Borg Medical Laboratories and SebaMed. Working as a head and neck cancer specialist, Dr. Yaseen delivered an informative session that featured tips on disease diagnosis and prevention health measures, followed by an open Q&A session. Other participating companies offered free blood glucose and blood pressure checkups to the attendees as well as health and skin care products. To further highlight the issue to the local community, KAMCO took part in the press conference hosted by CAN aimed to increase awareness of the issue at hand.

Mr. Faisal Hasan, Chief Business Development Officer of KAMCO, highlighted the importance of educating the public regarding various diseases such as cancer of the head and neck. Considering that head and neck cancer can be curable if detected at an early stage, it is vital to seek medical attention if any of the symptoms appear.

Mr. Hasan added, “We appreciate the support and collaborative efforts put forth by CAN in helping us organize this informative event for our employees. These initiatives fall in line with KAMCO’s corporate social responsibility initiative that focuses primarily on health, education and the environment to benefit our society. We will continue to organize and host more informative and interactive events that benefit and educate our employees and attending members of the community.”