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KAMCO Real Estate Yield Fund

We are in the forefront of providing opportunities to invest in real estate and creating a diversified value to your portfolio!

Our open-ended fund creates investment opportunities that sells and in turn becomes the hallmark of a worthy option to add to your portfolio! We make smart policies that lets you invest in targeted markets, including sale and lease of operating Real Estate properties inside and outside Kuwait.

Our scheme helps minimize investment risks with a well thought out plan and so it’s all about investing in your dreams, without selling off your portfolio!

Fact Sheets
  • Invest in real estate sector directly and indirectly by purchase, sale and lease of operating Real Estate properties inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Invest in attractive and yielding real estate opportunities in the targeted markets (GCC countries and/or other MENA countries).
  • Minimize investment risks and preserve the Fund’s capital through the diversification of assets across low-risk and income generating real estate opportunities.

Fund Domicile Kuwait

Currency USD

Fund Structure Open-ended

Subscription Fee 2%

Unit Par Value USD 10

Initial Lockup Period 12 months

Subscription Monthly

Targeted Fund Size USD 18 million to USD 550 million

Redemption Semiannually (after the lockup period)

Distribution Distribution will be on a quarterly basis

Minimum Subscription The minimum initial subscription is 5,000 units

Management Fees 1.5% p.a of the fund’s Real Estate Investments Value

Performance Fees 25% of the carried return above a hurdle rate of 7%

Fund Manager KAMCO Investment Company K.S.C. (Public) ‘’KAMCO’’

Early Redemption Unit holders have the right to early redemptions (i.e. any period other than the regular redemption windows) with a redemption fee of 3% of net redemption value.

Fund Term Twenty years renewable for similar period or periods after the approval of CMA and the Unit Holders Association is obtained.


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