We reveal true leadership with a comprehensive business approach in the investment sector that turns all your investment goals into reality.

  1. Enhanced operational performance, profitability and creating value.

    Successfully completed 3 major investment banking transactions amounting to over USD 1 billion.

    KAMCO funds exceeded benchmarks within their sectors, the KAMCO Investment Fund was ranked the top performing fund of the year.

    Successfully completed two milestone international real estate investment deals, increasing the size of KAMCO’s international real estate portfolio to USD 273 million.

    Won 7 internationally recognized awards for outstanding performance in Asset Management, Investment Banking, Alternative Investments, Wealth Management, and Investment Research.

  2. Growing fee income and maintaining profitability.

    Expanded regionally by opening the first international office in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

    Managed Investment Banking transactions worth approximately USD 1 billion in 2016.

    Won 6 awards in recognition of outstanding performance during 2016 in Asset Management, Investment Banking, Alternative Investments and Wealth Management.

    Four of our funds’ performance exceeded benchmarks and ranked amongst the top three performers in their sectors.

    Successfully managed M&A and exits for Clients locally, regionally and globally in the oil & gas, health, pharmaceutical, and real estate sectors.

    KAMCO joined the 1,000 firms incorporated into the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.

  3. Growing fee income and maintaining profitability.

    Managing the first investment grade rated (Baa1 by Moody’s) Subordinated Tier 2 in the MENA region.

    “Kuwait Asset Manager of the Year” Award from MENA Fund Manager, and ‘‘Best Investment Management Company in Kuwait 2015’’ Award from World Finance.

    Enhancing investment funds’ performance and dividends distribution.

    Signing MOU with TAKAUD for future cooperation.

  4. Maintaining operational growth and profitability.

    Launch of KAMCO Real Estate Yield Fund.

    Initial offering of KAMCO MENA Plus Fixed Income Fund.

    Successful completion of several transactions in the stock markets.

    Outperformance of most managed investment funds versus respective benchmarks.

    Won ‘Best GCC Asset Management Company 2014’ Award from World Finance.

  5. KAMCO has returned to profitability in 2013, increasing its operational income and entering into a new growth trajectory with numerous initiatives to grow its investment products and client focused services.

    KAMCO’s assets under management have grown by 21% in 2013, standing at KD2.9 billion, placing it as one of the largest managers in the region with its managed funds and portfolios achieving results placing it as one of the top performers in Kuwait.

    KAMCO’s investment banking activities and achievements continue to place it as one of the leading investment advisors in Kuwait with completion of major transactions and with significant market share of completed transactions in the market.

    Having celebrated its 15th year from inception, KAMCO continues to grow its market interaction and CSR activities as a leader in its sector in Kuwait.

  6. KAMCO and NBK Capital acted as joint lead managers in the successful completion of a KD100 million (c. USD 356 million) Lower Tier II (LT2) subordinated bond issue by Burgan Bank, the largest bond ever raised by a private sector issuer and has the longest tenor of 10 years. This proves KAMCO’s firm interest in the development and support of the local bond market which in turn will be a key element in the development of the Kuwaiti economy and the private sector.

    KAMCO and Gulf Merger acted as financial advisers for one of KAMCO’s Clients in one of the largest mergers and acquisitions transactions within the field of education, (the acquisition of an 82% equity interest in Al Rayan Holding from a consortium of sellers led by Global Capital Management, Global Investment House’s alternative asset management group. This transaction is a token to KAMCO’s unique understanding of the market and in-depth knowledge of industry trends and regulatory issues facing the modern enterprise in Kuwait and the region.

    KAMCO successfully completed the corporate restructuring of debt (worth KWD 40 million) of a local real estate conglomerate, which was conducted by a team of specialists from within the company that devised a comprehensive three-tiered debt restructuring plan.

    KAMCO and Burgan Bank re-open the virtual dealing room at the College of Business Administration in Kuwait University, where KAMCO’s aim is to educate the students with the fundamentals of trading in financial markets, which also comes to represent a big part in the economic activity of a country and its welfare.

    KAMCO acted as one of the joint lead managers in the issuance of KD 26.5 million bonds for ALARGAN International Real Estate Company, one of the most unique and opportunistic issues since June 2010 being in the real estate sector. This firmly indicates KAMCO’s interest in the development and support of the issuance of bonds and sukuks to diversify debt restructuring instruments to local businesses. This in turn will help stabilize the economic and real estate state-of-being in the Kuwaiti capital market.

    KAMCO acted as one of the joint lead managers in the KD 80 million KIPCO bond issue, the largest ever corporate issue in Kuwait.

  7. KAMCO sealed a second year partnership with Oxford Business Group by acting as the exclusive research partner of OBG.

    KAMCO completed repayment of KD 20 million bond issuance.

    KAMCO participated in the National Carnival activities in celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence, 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation, and the 5th anniversary of the ascendance of HH the Amir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah.

    KAMCO contributed to the field of financial analysis by sponsoring the 2011 Charter Award Ceremony of CFA Kuwait (Chartered Financial Analyst, Kuwait) for the second year.

    KAMCO carried a successful Blood Donation Campaign under the slogan ‘Three teaspoons of blood can save the life of a premature baby’.

  8. Recycling – A project was initiated by KAMCO to provide recycling services for itself along with United Real Estate Company (URC) and Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO). This brings KAMCO closer in line with other environmentally-friendly companies around the world, and ensures that it does its part in ensuring a healthier world.

    Internal ‘TalkLetter’ BREAKTIME – an internal newsletter which was fully conceived, developed, and produced in-house called “BREAKTIME” was launched to enhance internal communications within the company and strengthen the bonds between employees.

    KAMCO Stock Simulator – A trading simulator was created for members of the Finance Club at Kuwait University to practice and test their trading skills without the risk of actually losing any money.

    UREC Bond Issue – KAMCO acted as a co-lead manager in United Real Estate Company’s Issuance of Bonds worth KD 40 million.

    KAMCO and ANHAM Launch Strategic Partnership in Logistics Sector.

  9. Our conservative investment philosophy sees us emerge as one of the few investment companies in Kuwait to report an annual profit for 2008.

    We are appointed the exclusive investment advisor for KIPCO’s KD 100 million earmarked to acquire distressed private Kuwaiti companies in an effort to boost economic revival.

    The only investment company in Kuwait to be recognized as the ‘Best Asset Management House’ at the Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2009.

    Our Assets Under Management grow 6% over 2008 reaching KD 2.6 billion.

    Our portfolios grow to close to 1000 investors.

    Our Investment Research Department introduces the MENA Equity Markets Daily Research Reports, covering stock exchanges in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia.

    Our bondholders approve the extension of maturity of our KD 20 million bonds – issued in 2004 – for another two years, enabling us to capitalize on prevalent investment opportunities.

    Website Launch – KAMCO formally launched its new website which fully incorporates its Fibonacci-based corporate identity. The new website functions as both a corporate website, as well as a fully functioning online trading portal.

  10. KAMCO celebrated its 10th year anniversary which conveyed a successful performance in the investment market locally and regionally.

    KAMCO revealed its new corporate identity and logo inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence and the golden section – a natural sequence of growth, which reflects the increase in return on investment and constant growth.

    KAMCO’s activities expanded into the Abu Dhabi markets through its affiliation with Royal Capital.

    KAMCO won the ‘Best Financial Website in Kuwait’ award by His Highness Shaikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah.

    KAMCO sponsored and supported the first Euromoney Conference in Kuwait.

  11. We launched the region’s first hybrid energy services fund – The KAMCO Energy Services Fund.

    Our first major USD 75 million term loan facility arrangement in a ceremony with National Bank of Abu Dhabi, National Bank of Dubai and Qatar National Bank is signed.

    We undertook the single largest private sector merger and acquisition transaction in the GCC for KIPCO by selling its 51% stake in Wataniya Telecom to Qatar’s Q-Tel.

    We established the KAMCO Burgan Bank Dealing Room at Kuwait University’s College of Business Administration (CBA) – the first-of-its-kind in the region.

    The ‘Best Television Commercial’ category at the Kuwait Arab Advertising Awards 2006 was awarded to us.

  12. We announced the subscription to the KAMCO Kuwait Education Fund, which goes on to provide Offset Investors – the highest multiple provided by a fund in Kuwait.

    We launched the National Investment Fund Portfolio (Shariky) that promotes the establishment of small & medium-sized projects of qualified Kuwaiti entrepreneurs.

    We introduced an online trading service (kamcotrade.com), allowing online access to daily portfolio evaluations and SMS market alerts.

    The KAMCO Investment Fund recorded an increase in total net worth of 338%.

    Our Corporate Finance revenue climbed a record 188% reaching KD 6.5 million.

    Our Investment Research Department introduced an annual fact-book on KSE-listed companies and a monthly GCC Equity Markets Review.

  13. We recorded a net profit of KD 25.041 million in 2005, which represents an increase of 208% compared to 2004’s net profit of KD 8.138 million.

    We emerged as one of the largest private sector managers of financial assets in the Middle East. We continued to attract new client funds at a good rate in 2005, with the value of client assets increasing by 33.7%.

    Our management fees from our asset management services reached a new high of KD 9.2 million in 2005 – up 110% compared to 2004.

    We extended our research coverage to include all GCC stock markets.

    We were the lead manager in the private placement of Manafae, the newly established Kuwaiti Sharia-compliant investment company, in which we held a 24.8% stake.

  14. We launched an online service to enable Clients to access their portfolios statements through our website.

    We diversified our funding base through our first ever bond issue in the amount of KD 20 million, which was fully subscribed by investors. Our bond issue was rated ‘BBB’ by rating agency Capital Intelligence Ltd., which is considered “investment grade.”

    We successfully launched two new funds: the KAMCO Investment Fund, which invests mainly in Kuwaiti listed securities, and the Kuwait Private Equity Opportunities Fund, which invests in unlisted, privately held Kuwaiti companies.

    Our Bond & High Yield Fund was the largest and the best-performing KD bond in Kuwait.

    In demonstration of our commitment to develop the capital markets in Kuwait, we organized a public seminar on establishing a secondary bond market in Kuwait.

  15. We increased our share capital from KD 15 million to KD 20 million.

    In October, we were listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE).

    Our net profit increased 198.5% to KD 8 million from KD 2.7 million in 2002.

    We held the largest AUM figures amongst private investment companies in the entire Middle East.

    We launched the KAMCO Total Return Weighted (TRW) Index, the first total weighted index for the KSE.

    The Bond & High Yield Fund – launched in 2002 – exceeded KD 50 million by end of 2003 and continued to perform satisfactorily above its benchmark.

  16. We recorded a 113% growth in third-party assets under management, reaching KD 662 million.

  17. We commence business with a prudent investment philosophy of conservative optimism, which bears fruit in merely a decade and sees us stable despite the economic crisis which follows in 2008.