KAMCO hosts Generation 8 of Protégés

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment firm with one of the largest AUMs in the region, hosted the Generation 8 Protégés, as part of the Kuwait Projects Company’s (“KIPCO”) strategic partnership with the youth mentorship program, at the American University of Kuwait’s (“AUK”) auditorium. The workshop, titled “KAMCO Day”, is part of KAMCO’s ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, in collaboration with KIPCO Group companies, that focus on educating and empowering the youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The workshop kicked off with an opening speech delivered by Chief Business Development Officer of KAMCO, Mr. Faisal Hasan, who gave a brief introduction about KAMCO’s operations, products and services. Mr. Hasan’s speech was followed by a Q&A session allowing the Generation 8 candidates to get a better understanding about the investment firm and the investment sector. The next segment of the workshop was led by Protégés Director and Mentor, Mr. Shamlan Al Bahar, who assisted the candidates in a key brainstorming session to develop an idea and strategize for their upcoming project.

Mr. Hasan said, “KAMCO is a proud and ongoing supporter of the Protégés mentorship program, a program that challenges and drives the youth towards discovering their true potential while developing key skills that will benefit their future careers. It has been a privilege for KAMCO to witness the previous generations go through the different stages of this one of a kind program in Kuwait, and now we get to witness the 8th generation.”

He also said, “It is crucial for organizations to implement and monitor their social responsibilities, regardless of what sector they operate in, to contribute towards achieving a more sustainable economy. KAMCO’s annual CSR agenda focuses primarily on issues related to health, education and the environment. These initiatives, carried out by the Protégés mentorship program, fall in line with our corporate social responsibility and personal goals to enhance and promote education while driving the youth to expand their reach and impact in our society.”